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WRS BY ANN Sp. z o. o. was established from the transformation of Dzienio PR (founded in 2013 by Anne Dzienio - now Anna Kalbarczyk) and Kalbarczyk PR. Currently, as a company, it implements projects in the area of marketing, with particular emphasis on Public Relations activities. Due to the long-term nature of the activities of the Public Relations industry, some projects are still carried out under the previous Dzienio PR or Kalbarczyk PR logo. We are proud of our projects and we sign each project signed with both brands.

WRS BY ANN is an independent company that provides services in the field of public relations consulting and supporting enterprises in the field of communication strategy. As a result, these activities are to lead to building long-term relations of the company with its business environment and bring the assumed financial benefits. Since 2010, the company has been associated with the professional services sector, in particular in the legal sector, where the president of the company - Anna Kalbarczyk personally advised on marketing strategies, visibility and CRM for Warsaw law firms, incl. for Tomczak i Partnerzy, Marcin Muśnicki Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni, as well as international ones such as Peterka & Partners.

Thanks to many years of experience, we show full understanding of the business conducted in Poland and we understand the domestic market. Therefore, we approach each project and order individually, proposing solutions appropriate for the industry and the expected results.  

The services provided by WRS BY ANN are developed in accordance with the needs of the client and implemented according to the established strategy. The integration of many marketing tools allows you to achieve the best results.

During the execution of orders, we apply high standards of service based on the best international practices.

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WRS BY ANN is a diverse professional experience in the field of marketing, with particular emphasis on Public Relations. We introduce foreign companies to the market, we provide consultancy in the field of CRM, internal communication, in close cooperation with HR departments and external for various business sectors, mainly as part of image consultancy and communication with the company's environment.


Honesty in the advisory process and transparency in actions are the basic pillars of WRS BY ANN's activity. Cooperation is based on trust and joint development with the client of the principles of cooperation, followed by the process of implementing the approved strategy. We offer unique know-how in the field of public relations and we are able to adapt to the requirements of the most demanding client.


We are always up to date, following the latest trends in the industry. We raise qualifications by participating in trainings and workshops. Our employees are invited to conferences and workshops as speakers. We work with the trade press by publishing trade articles. Thanks to this, we can offer high-quality consulting services in the area of image and Public Relations, using the latest know-how.

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Our team consists of a group of experienced experts who have been specializing for years
in marketing and PR consulting for Polish
and foreign companies.